Friday Sunshine ☀️

Wow! It's August and the Summer holidays are in full swing for lots of people now I guess? I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and some adventures or have some to look forward to soon!

I thought I'd swing by this sunny Friday with a bit of a fattybumbum post for you all as July ended on a great foodie high with a visit to another amazing foodPark Night Market and I have added a new #fattybumbumdrawsvans doodle to my growing collection!

Illustration © Jo Want 2016

We cycled to Gravel Hill Farm where the huge barn there was full of food and drink vendors again. As before there was so much choice and we had the best time wondering around in the warm sunshine and a Prosecco in hand trying to decide what to eat first.

Prosecco on Tap : The Spirited Mare

Although I wanted to try EVERYTHING I reigned myself in and we went for a delicious meze box from the ever wonderful Wandering Yak, who have also just been named Best Street Food in the Cambridge Food & Drink awards - YAY!

The Wandering Yak

Illustration © Jo Want 2016

...then followed by the MOST delicious wings from Buffalo Joe, like seriously amazing! I had there burger a while ago and I thought that was brilliant but we actually didn't stop talking about the wings for days after this!

Illustration © Jo Want 2016

For pudding I was instantly drawn to the new van on the block, Choux Stopper which looks as though it's an old ambulance (I may be wrong but it was a cool looking van anyhow) and was serving the most incredible looking little choux pastry treats.

The Raspberry Collins : Choux Stopper

The queue was massive but I didn't mind as it gave my tummy time to settle and get excited again for more treats! Plus, when we got closer to the serving hatch I lost all track of time and became mesmerized watching Simon create these mini pieces of (delicious) art...

I was spellbound and after taking several snaps and the little timelapse video above I couldn't wait to get my sketch book out and add the show stopping Choux Stopper to my collection of doodles! I think it makes a nice little doodle... what do you think?

Illustration © Jo Want 2016

All in all it was a lovely evening and the sky gave us a real treat with a stunning sunset for the cycle home afterwards - the perfect end to a food filled date night.

I still have a list of food vans I'd like to work my way through (sampling the menu and doodle wise!) and as new ones seem to be popping up at events around Cambridge I'm sure my collection will continue to grow. Please feel free to let me know if you spy any new food vans around Cambridge or would like to see particular ones added to the collection as I'd love to hear your thoughts too!

As you can probably tell, I am very much enjoying this project and promise to try and keep you updated with blog posts and regular Facebook Page album updates as I go along. As this is very much a personal project it all happens in between work hours so updates may not be super regular but feel free to follow ongoing food van stalkings and food porn pics on Instgram with the hashtag #fattybumbumdrawsvans and don't forget to look up foodPark on twitter to stalk all the food vans yourself if you're in the area!