Be Good to Yourself Burger

Be Good to Yourself Burger


A burger of epic proportions to fill you up with all the good stuff!

From buns of brilliance and cheerful cheese to the hash-brown of happiness with awesome sauce, this super stacked enamel pin will certainly leave you feeling good and with a smile on your face.

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What goes into making a ‘Be Good to Yourself Burger?’

Take your two buns of brilliance, pop the bottom half down on your favourite plate and get ready to stack! First goes on the lettuce of love, followed by a bit of awesome sauce, your first patty of positivity is next, topped with cheerful cheese (my personal fave!) The hashbrown of happiness will sit on top of your cheese and is followed by a gherkin of greatness and another positive patty. A little more lettuce of love and cheerful cheese is topped off with more awesome sauce and brings us to the top! Careful not to knock it all over as your add the other half of your brilliance bun and sprinkle over of few self-love sesame seeds to finish.


Maybe grab some cocktail sticks to help keep it together, you know, just in case you can’t get your chops around it all at once! Then enjoy feeling GREAT about being so good to yourself, because you are AMAZING and deserve to treat yo’self now and then.

more information about the pin itself

It might sounds humungous but this cheeky burger only measures 30 x 20mm so will sit handily on your favourite snacking jacket. It is a hard enamel pin with gold plating and two pin fastenings on the back, to keep your epic snack from flipping over or falling off!

All burger enamel pins come on their own fun backing card, pointing out their yummy ingredients and will beautifully packaged up with extra Sunshine vibes ready for their journey onwards.

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