Can’t find your perfect pair of studs in the Sunshine shop? Fear not!

You can pick your very own combo right here! Love cats and gin? No problem? How about cheese on toast? Consider it done! Fancy a brew with your bacon? Go for it!

Using the drop down menu just add your fave designs to your basket and pair up as many different combos as your heart desires.

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more information about how to pick you perfect pair of laser cut stud earrings

This mix of mini laser cut and hand painted, acrylic and wood shapes, are all presented on 4mm silver plated studs with butterfly backs and an extra safe rubber stopper.

Most studs measure around 8-15mm and 3mm in thickness but please check the dimensions below to be sure:

SUNSHINE VAN : 13 x 7mm

BLACK CAT : 10 x 10mm

TABBY CAT : 10 x 10mm

MIDNIGHT KITTY : 10 x 10mm

SUNFLOWER : 12 x 12mm

CANARY : 15 x 7mm

BISCUIT : 10 x 10mm

CHEESE : 10 x 12mm

AVOCADO : 10 x 8mm

TOAST : 10 x 12mm

PIZZA : 10 x 12mm

EGG : 10 x 10mm

BACON : 12 x 5mm

GREEN GIN : 13 x 8mm

PINK GIN : 13 x 8mm

LIME : 11 x 6mm

LEMON : 11 x 6mm

TIN CUP TEA : 12 x 9mm

TENT : 13 x 9mm

MOUNTAIN : 12 x 12mm

TREE : 14 x 8mm

When you’ve selected your little happy little earrings, they will be cheerfully wrapped and packaged to ensure a safe trip to their new home.

If you have any questions about this listing or have an exciting custom request please feel free to email me at bonjour {at} hello-sunshine.co.uk and we can chat about what you would like. In the mean time…