hello August

Blink and you’ll miss it! This Summer has WHIZZED by isn’t it? It’s been a big ol’ mix of adventures and work this month so I’ve tried to pick a couple of highlights to share from both camps!

Let’s kick off with the hard, more serious stuff…

work time

live wedding portraits

I had another amazing wedding to paint at this month and although I say it about every one I attend, this one truly was special! I have met the wonderful couple at two previous weddings when I was wielding my paints and it was such a pleasure to be invited to help celebrate their own wedding this month.

Denise Family.jpg

Denise & Matt had asked me to create a family portrait (above) for them to use on the wedding invites, which you may have seen me share a couple of times before but what I didn’t realise is that it was going to be used on the day as part of signs, order of the day lanyards and for the guestbook.


Needless to say I did a small squeal of excitement when we arrived and I saw everything set up. I was also blown away by the fact they had an actual helter-skelter at their venue - MAGICAL!

norwich makers market

I guess technically, this was my first market of 2019 (in August - Eeep!) and I was so chuffed to be back at the Norwich Makers Market. I love going to Norwich to be a part of the incredible talent Ella curates for this event is always a pleasure (and honour!)


I dusted off all my stall display items and had a practice set up in the studio a couple of weeks beforehand. At that point I decided to employ the talents of The Workbench Shop (a.k.a. Mummy & Daddy Sunshine) to help me make a mini earring display for my enamel studs. As always, they did a cracking job and I think it looks pretty damn neat in the in!


It was a brilliant day, the sun was shining the crowds of people were flowing in and out of the venue and I had lots of lovely feedback about my stall set up and some of the newbies I’d managed to sneakily make up in time for the bank holiday weekend!


makers gonna make

I had a couple more hefty wholesale orders at the start of the month so alongside trying to stock up for the Norwich Makers Market, I had quite a lot of glueing, making, painting and packing to do throughout August too!


As much as I hate the mundane nature of glueing and making hundreds of pieces of jewellery, I take IMENSE satisfaction in lining everything up neatly before I start to glue! Don’t ever ask me to try and crack on with jewellery-making without lining things up… it just ends in chaos (and tears).

play time

splish splash

August brought a mixed bag of weather with rain and sunshine joining me on lots of my SUP trips this month. From thunderstorm paddling towards Grantchester Meadows and rainy trips down the Backs in Cambridge to sunny brews on the banks of the river, it was great to get out on Quaver so much!


As well as regular paddles with Quaver, I also attended my first SUP yoga session at Milton Country Park. It was SO MUCH FUN! Sadly I couldn’t get onto any of the other classes (a hectic calendar for me and the popularity/limited numbers meant I couldn’t book on again) but I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s curious about trying something new and it’s given me a bit of confidence to try new moves on my board too!


I also had the best day out at Rutland Water Aquapark with one of my besties. I’d been the previous Summer with The Beard and his work colleagues so knew what fun I’d be in for but I had conveniently forgotten how hard work climbing, slipping, bouncing and sliding around the aqua park obstacles could be - I hurt so much the day after!


More water-based fun came in the form of Hathersage Lido when I went up to the Peak District to meet another bestie, who was visiting with Canada. I drove up on my own (woo! Go me!) to meet my friend and set up our tent before we went for a wander around Stanage edge - the views never disappoint!


It was a cracking day and the sun was beaming down on us and as we were sat at North Lees Campsite, discussing whether or not there was a nearby stream to paddle in, it suddenly dawned on me that Hathersage has a lido - BINGO! I mean, I didn’t have any swimwear with me (my pal is always prepared) so I had to go old school pants and vest but it was glorious!


A not-so-teensy-tiny-now visitor

My lovely, full of beans and questions, little niece came to stay with my for a few days this month too. I say little, she’s 8 (going on 18) this year and a proper little fire-cracker with a wicked sense of humour - I love her to bits!


I headed off to Ely to meet the whole family for the day before Lexie came home with me again. We had THE BEST day out in the sunshine, exploring the beautiful city on the ‘Ely Treasure Trail.’ If you haven’t come across these city based treasure hunts yet, then check them out - they’re great to do with kids and actually pretty tough for adults too!


You get a map and then clues lead you around the city centre, meaning you get to see all the fave tourist spots and scenery but also have fun trying to solve a mystery at the same time.


That evening Lex came home with me on the train and over the next couple of days we adventured in Buddy, hunted for dinky doors, picnicked in the park, ate ice cream and pulled silly faces before we drove to Nottingham for doughNotts and bit of shopping at Handmade Nottingham.


All in all, it was a pretty awesome way to end the month and spend some extra time with my nieces and family again!

dressing up

OK so this might not seem like a worth thing to write about here but I wore a pretty dress! It’s not like I’ve avoided wearing dresses all my life but I’d had my hair cut, lost a bit of weight and actually felt pretty in a Summer dress for the first time in… well forever!


I bought this beautiful dress (look at that print!) from Monsoon to wear to my friend’s wedding and I’d just had my hair cut so I felt especially well put together for once in my life.


Katie and Adam’s wedding was wonderful, the sun was shining, their venue was beautifully decorated and the bride and groom looked super cute and stylish as they pulled up in their vintage campervan (*swoon*)


Last but not least

Little Pickle Pegs

This trooper got her latest test results back this week and her nasty infection has cleared off completely 🎉 She also has her final CKD diagnosis (stage 3), which isn’t great but is being managed with a special diet and plenty of tlc.


She’s back on top Princess form, full of cuddles, mischief and purrs... and still working the camera like a boss! Thanks so much to everyone who’s sent love, positive vibes and sweet messages this past couple of months - it’s meant the world.


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