My 1st Wedding Fair

As I mentioned in my little round up from March, it happened! I went, I painted, I smiled and .. I slept a helluvalot the days after! The Most Curious Wedding Fair was just brilliant.

We drove up in Buddy and set up the day before and the owners of the venue (The Fire Pit Camp) were kind enough to let us park Buddy up and stay over night. Buddy was completely at home in the beautiful grounds, surrounded by Bell Tents and beautiful wedding props.

Buddy looking right at home!

Buddy looking right at home!

I was a bit nervous about my stall set up as usually, I just sit in the corner of a bar or room at the Bride & Groom’s venue (popping up with my portraits!) so trying to create a small set up that was more than just a table and chairs had been key for me.

I had been researching and brainstorming for at least a year and after chatting with my parents, who run The Workbench Shop, we decided that a table/stand that could pack flat would be perfect. It would need to be easy to transport and if we could add removable signage and I got some stools (with yellow cushions obvs), then we could create the perfect ‘pop up’ stand for the fair.


It resembled a lemonade stand and I loved it! I had my logo laser cut at Bespoke Laser UK (as always they were amazing!) and I painted everything up to look nice and neat, in line with my new Hello Sunshine Portraits branding that Cat had done such an amazing job of! You can see the business cards in this little shot below…

Jo Want : Painter of People + Pets.

Jo Want : Painter of People + Pets.

I had also been trying to find a way to display my example portraits other than having a little folder for people to flick through. The Beard had found a wooden pallet at his workplace and brought it home for me to try and pimp! I sanded it down to tidy it up a bit and then mounted a few polaroid style snaps and portraits to stick on. It did the trick, just in the nick of time!) and I think it ended up looking pretty cute on the day too.

These cushion are literally my new favouritest thing ever!

These cushion are literally my new favouritest thing ever!

During the day itself, I had allocated some time slots to be ‘in action’ on the day and paint some happy couples. I was SO NERVOUS but I met some absolutely LOVELY people (customers and stall holders alike) and once I start painting …and talking… I didn’t stop until home time!

The beuatiful  Flamingo Amy  with her Sunshine Portrait

The beuatiful Flamingo Amy with her Sunshine Portrait

In hindsight, I didn’t really allow myself enough time to paint couples and talk to them about what I do and how it all works. I think I was a bit ambitious as I kept falling behind on my time slots (eep!) It’s a good job I had The Beard with me to help keep everyone happy and get me organised! I will have to think more carefully about how to paint and chat if I do another fair…

The cutest of couples!

The cutest of couples!

All in all I think it was a great success! Getting myself organised with business cards, leaflets and an up to date website detailing everything I offer has been invaluable and has also made me feel like it’s a proper part of Hello Sunshine now; not just something I’ve been doing in the background for a few years.

Action shots by Katyi Peschke

Action shots by Katyi Peschke

I couldn’t have pulled any of it off without the help, advice, wisdom, skills and talents of some amazing friends, business pals and family. So this one goes out with a HUGE, heartfelt THANK YOU to these wonderful human beans:

Mum & Dad : The Workbench Shop

For turning my scribbles and brain farts into not only a stand that looks amazing but also one that I can pack up and take with me to any craft fair or wedding event in the future.

Kayti Peschke Photography

For making my awkward potato self feel relaxed enough in front of a camera to get some super fun and colourful shots of me and my portrait-painting self!

Cat : Twin Pines Creative

Forever my design hero and branding wizard! Cat never fails to help bring my yellow, sunshine-filled visions to life, in the most professional, beautiful and practical ways.

April : Kook Events

For listing to my brain farts about how to make my portraits more of a ‘thing’ in the wedding world, for always having my back and for looking over boring things like paperwork. Also, for being the most perfect model on the day of our shoot with Kayti.

The Beard

Without him, I would have lost my marbles and nerve a long time ago. He’s always willing to help me get to venues, always on hand to listen to my brain farts and wobbles and never fails to keep me grounded when things get a little crazy.



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