I’m not sure I’ve actually written a post dedicated to sharing Sunshine Portraits since moving the blog over here! Oops! But I’m going to change that (starting now!) and will aim to pop over here every few months to share some of my favourite work with you. Don’t tell the jewellery but portraits are always my favourite things to work on so here is a little round up of ones I’m allowed to share…

watercolour portraits

emma sunshine watercolour.jpg
Alder & Kenny.jpg
B & O.jpg
Family watercolour.jpg

Create your own, extra special, personalised piece of art with a watercolour Sunshine portrait HERE.

digital portraits

Family Sunshine 3.jpg
Denise Family.jpg
Harvey & Hettty.jpg
Family Sunshine 2.jpg
Tash & Buster.jpg
Oxley Family (9th March).jpg
Martin 40th Sunshine.jpg
Marisa Family.jpg
Mum & Milo.jpg
Vedia, Vlad, Ralph and Lola.jpg
Family Sunshine.jpg

Turn your favourite faces into a unique, sunshine style portrait HERE.

Wedding portraits

Wedding Sunshine.jpg
Henry & Munchkin - wedding.jpg

Create the perfect and unique wedding gift or add something different to your Big Day stationery HERE.

I hope you enjoy having a nosey through some of the commissions I’ve had the pleasure of working on over the past few months and if you’d like to see more, feel free to head over to my Facebook Page (Hello Sunshine). I’m a bit better at keeping the albums over there updated!


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