Meet the Maker Week #5

day 5 : What else do you make?

Well, apart from a mess and a pretty mean fish finger sarnie, I design and maker laser cut jewellery and also sell enamel pins as well as draw for you lovely lot.

Being able to turn some of my favourite things and doodles into tangible pretties that people choose to buy for themselves or gift each other is something quite special! I’ve been posting about about my collections of jewellery and what they’re inspired by recently so if you’ve been following for a while you’ll know how much of my work is from the heart - sometimes stomach 🧀 Tap the hashtag #hellosunshinestories to find out more.

Cheese and Biscuits anyone? 🧀🍪

Cheese and Biscuits anyone? 🧀🍪

Alongside my collections of jewellery I also offer some customised pieces, such as hand-painted, tiny pet portrait pins, cufflinks and brooches, which are a dream to paint and mean that I get to meet SO MANY fur babies! At this time of year my trusty festive faves come out of the closet again too - the personalised Christmas Jumper decorations. From festive messages of love and cute nicknames to full on swear and this years fave, the c-bomb, these jumpers never fail to make me smile when the requests come in!

So whether it’s the doodles, pins or laser cut things, the food, campervan and adventure spam or just the cat snaps you’re here for, hopefully Hello Sunshine makes you smile ☀️ and I just want you to know how unbelievable grateful I am to you all for following along and cheering me on! YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE! (cheesy but true) 💛

Just a few  enamel pins  now….

Just a few enamel pins now….


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